Club Committee

The Ramblers committee manages all aspects of the club, including financials; organising of teams/coaches/grounds and communication with the club members.

Position Person Mobile Email
President Matt Smith 0414 694 324 [email protected]
Secretary James Baird 0425 333 681 [email protected]
Treasurer Kingsley Smith [email protected]
Senior Director  On-field Steve Davenport 0412 665 881 [email protected]
Senior Director  Off-field Fabian Saunders
Social Director Steph Haussen 0403 402 463 [email protected]
Functions Coordinator Jarryd Simister [email protected]
 Facilities Coordinator Luke Mackereth/Nick Work 0417 011 401 [email protected]
Senior Merchandise Julie Croft [email protected]
Junior Merchandise Karen Von Rischbieuder [email protected]com
BBQ Coordinator Blake Wilson/Trent Morey [email protected][email protected]