Blast from the past- Jimmy Conlon

As an ex Ramblers player during the 1970’s and 80’s, I have followed the progress of the club over the intervening years – through moves interstate; – 17 years in Brisbane and now the UK,  just outside London.

I remember fondly legends of the club, such as David ‘Bubbles’ Neil, Tony ‘Benno’ Benson, Geoff ‘Gyprock’ Jenner, Trevor Kenyon and my cousin David Conlon.

I have many memories of the club, and would ask to be remembered to those that would remember me from those days. I would also like to wish the club every success into the future.

(If anyone is at all curious, my professional profile is available in Linked-In. I work as a Snr. Project Manager/Project Director in IT ).

Regards to all,

James Conlon

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