Games record to be broken.

This round, Stephen ‘Davo’  Davenport will be breaking the games record for the club. For a number of years now, Dave Conlon (who wrote about the history of the club) has held this record with 340 games. This round though, things will change, with ‘Davo’ playing his 340.5 game for this club.

To mark this occasion, the committee is preparing a couple of surprises for ‘Davo’ at the conclusion of this round. Further, we are asking all club members (past, present and future) to acknowledge this sensational achievement next Saturday night (7th of November) at the presentation night after the conclusion of everyone’s game. While ‘Davo’ is playing an away game (fitting, you may say), it should give everyone enough time to get back to Weymouth Oval and celebrate this hard earned achievement.

If you require any further information about this, then feel free to contact ‘Davo’ (his contact details are located here) or anyone on the committee (see here).

Congratulations ‘Davo’!

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