Ramblers win U15 Grand Final!

After a nail-biting finish to what was a great game of cricket, the Coromandel Ramblers have won the U15 premiership narrowly defeating Morphetville Park.

The Ramblers batted first posting a total of 8/219 in the first week with Baird making 51*, Telford 37 and Donnelly 30 with the entire team contributing with the bat.

That then brings us to today, Sunday the 11th of March 2012, with a big crowd from both clubs on hand to watch the battle between the 2 best teams for the year. The Ramblers were on top early keeping the run rate down putting the pressure on Morphy Park. However, Morphy Park fought back with quick runs and put themselves back in charge of the game.

However, a couple of quick wickets put the pressure back on and the run rate started to rise. At 9/190 or so and a big hitter from Morphy Park being back at the crease, the game was teetering on the edge. Another big six and runs started to flow again and things didn’t look good. However all it took was one mis-timed pull-shot which skied to the boundary and a great catch was taken under pressure which won the game and the Ramblers won by just 17 runs!

Well done to all the players, coaches, team helpers and family of the team. Also congratulations to Morphy Park for putting up a fantastic effort with a game played in good spirits.

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